Stylist Spotlight: Bianca Gabay

“My business partner Michele Baena, also my mom, approached me with an incredible question: ‘Would you like to be your own boss, do something you’re naturally good at and have the flexibility to be a full-time mom while making an income?’” Eight years ago, stylist Bianca Gabay said ‘yes’ to this opportunity that sounded almost too good to be true. A busy mother with a fierce go-getter attitude, she’s thrived in her collaborative and empowering career with W by Worth working side by side with her mother and invaluable associates. “If you’re interested in making others feel good or helping that girl in the back of the room stand out, while having the flexibility to own your own company without missing out on special occasions, then this is the job for you.”

Stylist Spotlight: Kelli Fales
"The first thing I love about Worth,” says Stylist Kelli Fale, “is the flexibility." With two boys at home, she can have a career she loves—and never miss a game or school event. 
Stylist Spotlight: Missy Cox
I met Winn Crockard in a nail salon when she was about to go to Miami for Preview. She asked me if I was interested in trying this out and I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ The rest is history—I’ve been styling for 10 years.
The Value of Investment Dressing

The time to purge is upon us. As Spring starts slowly creep into the air, and as Marie Kondo enters the zeitgeist, we are all thinking of cleansing our lives in every department.