The Value of Investment Dressing

The time to purge is upon us. As Spring starts to slowly creep into the air, and as Marie Kondo enters the zeitgeist, we are all thinking of cleansing our lives in every department. The first spot on the list that most people go to when decluttering their lives is in their closet. However, this might be the spot where you want to slow down and really take stock in your wardrobe. As Marie Kondo says, you need to figure out if each piece brings you joy. If the item does then you keep it, if it does not, you donate it. This where we need to start using our brains a little more than our hearts. Some pieces are timeless and, in the fury of decluttering, we can get rid of something that we otherwise would want to always keep in our closet. 


Investing in Staple Pieces

Staple Pieces are items of clothing that you will get the most out of. Button-down blouses for easy work choices, little black dresses for evening events, and denim that can go with virtually every top in existence. Curating a wardrobe that has a good choice of sensible staple pieces is a great way to keep your purchases and clutter down. Spending more on staple pieces that are versatile and that will last long is a great investment into your wardrobe.

Making Timeless Choices

While having staple pieces in your wardrobe is a priority, there are also some items that you definitely want in order to make a statement. However, as style trends have a high turnover, sometimes it is difficult to determine which trends are worth buying into. The solution to this dilemma is to make timeless style choices. Purchase patterns that are historically classic and can be appropriated for any time in the future. As you make timeless choices for your wardrobe, you will notice how little your clutter becomes and therefore, how little you need to get rid of. 

Final Thoughts

As we move towards a more “quality over quantity” mentality with the items we have in our home, it’s important to keep that in mind when we decide which fashions we want to wear. Making choices that will last a more than one season is a great idea for your budget and your closet space. Staple pieces that can be repurposed multiple times is great for having items that bring you joy since they are visually appealing, comfortable, and versatile. There’s no need to slow down on building your closet collection. You simply just need to re-strategize to get the most out of your time, space, and money. 

Stylist Spotlight: Kathy Sandven

"An outfit that could be worn to any occasion this Fall is our Maxi Cardigan and Turtleneck Sleeveless Pullover paired with our Knit Tea Length Skirt in Camel or Black. You can sport this outfit with heels or boots and easily accessorize it with a belt. You can also remove the Maxi Cardigan and wear the Sleeveless Pullover alone, making these pieces very versatile!"

Stylist Spotlight: Carrie White
"Our Evergreen Wool Bistretch Caped Dina Dress is a great statement piece. It can be worn to any event! I also love our Adelaine Leopard Silk Charmeuse Dress with our Brown Leather Luna Moto Jacket. You can belt this dress or pair with the simple leopard sash."
Stylist Spotlight: Maureen Yanke
"My favorite trend from the Fall collection is our menswear inspired suiting. Our Stretch Wool Hilda Jacket is a longer, leaner blazer that can be mixed easily back to a jean or leather pant. The feminine suiting when worn with matching trousers and an on-trend bow blouse gives a fresh feel to Fall."